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Aesthetic technology allows for non-invasive medical and aesthetic treatments. At Espai Benestar we have several services that will help you achieve your goals easily and effectively and without the need to go into the operating room. It is useful if we want to reverse the effects of time, slow down aging or eliminate fat accumulated in unwanted areas.

Laser types:

Laser with active carbon

The treatments carried out with the Q-SWITCHED laser in combination with active carbon bring great benefits and results for the rejuvenation of the face, neck, décolletage and hands. By applying the phytotechnology, the carbon particles behave as target chromophores and, by absorbing the laser light, they explode through the pores of the skin, thus reaching the deeper skin layers, producing the same effects as a peeling and generating strong hygiene (bacteriostatic and fungicidal effect), exfoliation (removing pollutants and dead cells) and a powerful stimulation of collagen and elastin production naturally. Changes in the quality of the skin are noticeable from the first session.

Blue Laser

Removal of basic aesthetic lesions such as warts, dermal or pigmented spots, spider veins, nevi, milia, keratosis, hyperplasia, etc.

Diode laser (Laser hair removal)

New high-power diode hair removal system that removes hair in any area of the body thanks to the VCSEL system, effective, fast and painless. It can be applied to all types of skin regardless of its tone and even if it is tanned, also suitable for the most delicate. This system acts on the hair, which has a chromoform called melanin. When the laser passes through the skin, it is absorbed by melanin, transformed into heat and destroys the hair follicle responsible for the birth and growth of hair, offering maximum effectiveness and permanent results. Thanks to its effectiveness, the sessions are held every two months.

Armpit and groin hair removal

Hair removal half legs + small area

Full leg hair removal + small area

Chest and abdomen hair removal

Full back hair removal

Hair removal mini area

Hair removal small area

Hair removal in the middle area

Full leg hair removal

*mini area: upper lip, chin, between the chin, beard profile, sideburns or halos.